Wednesday, April 10

Back in the USSR

Now that the preliminary data has been released by the IRS, the Tax Foundation has conveniently analyzed it and compared it to the data from all years since 1980. Not surprisingly, the data reveal that, once again, a starkly disproportionate percentage of the coerced payments needed to keep the government pork barrelers (see below) in bacon come from the most productive members of American society. The 5% of the country with the highest income last year generated 34% of the country's total income but were stuck with a whopping 55.5% of the bill for government services. Even more remarkably, the half of the population whose income exceeded the 50th percentile were gouged for 96% of all the personal income taxes paid. Doing the math, that means that the bottom half of the population in terms of annual income last year contributed a paltry 4% of the personal taxes paid despite being the only taxpayers eligible for many of the most costly social programs such as Medicaid and welfare. The unequal burden placed by the government on some members of society in order to spare others is unconscionable in America. It is almost enough to make one forget which political system advocated "from each according to his ability, to each according to his need."