Friday, April 26

The Callousness of the PLO Spin Machine

Today's New York Post editorial, "An Obscene Objection," subjects the Arafat-controlled WAFA's reaction to the aborted suicide bombings by three Palestinian schoolboys to the harshest treatment possible: it prints them in black and white for the world to read. Reaching new levels of obduracy, the official PLO news agency expresses regret not that the children tried to kill themselves in the vain pursuit of a vile cause--slaughtering innocent Jews--but that their actions may have undermined its carefully orchestrated media campaign, which highlighted the alleged massacre at Jenin but studiously sweeps summary executions of suspected collaborators under the carpet.

RELATED THOUGHT: I can't imagine how the boys ever got such an idea. It couldn't possibly have anything to do with the Palestinian habit of strapping fake explosives to their children and running them through military drills in front of beaming grandparents. "Look at little Abdullah, he's growing up so fast. It seems like only yesterday he and his playmates were pretending to blow up little Lego synagogues and now he's almost big enough to do it for real. I only hope I live to see him die." Sick.