Thursday, April 11

Campaign Finance: An Addict's Confession

Plugging names into the search engine on is my latest addiction. Among the odd or notable names and their donations are: Ronald Dworkin: $1,000 to Hillary Clinton; Alex "Alec" Baldwin: $5,000 to Democratic Cmte of New York State; Steven Spielberg: 22 donations to recipients such as "DNC/Non-Federal Unincorporated Assn" ($100,000), "DSCC/Non-Federal Individuals" ($40,000); New York Senate 2000 (two donations on the same day totaling $7,000); Michel Bloomberg: $1,000 each to losing primary candidates Bill Bradley and John McCain; Michael Moore: $1,000 to Hillary Clinton; Gwyneth Paltrow: just over $4,000 to Emily's List, Al Gore, and the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Cmte; Tom Cruise: $20,000 to Majority 2000 and New York Senate 2000 (there seem to be quite a few actors, who list there place of residence as California, donating to New York campaigns!). I didn't set out intending to find only Democratic donors, but my list seems to have turned out that way. If you want to even the balance, I encourage you to do your own searches. Go on. All the cool kids are doing it.