Sunday, April 14

Canada's Half-Hearted Disavowal of Terrorism

This piece, reporting on former Canadian Prime Minister Brian Mulroney's chastisement of the current government for failing to stand firmly beside Israel during the current Middle East conflict, also contains the following nugget:

"Canada, like the European Union, has listed the military wing of Hezbollah--known as Hezbollah Foreign Security Apparatus--as a terrorist organization, but says the group's political and social wings still do important humanitarian work. The distinction allows Canadian and European charities to fund the groups, as long as the money is earmarked for social programs in Lebanon and the Palestinian Authority."

Good for Mr. Mulroney for bringing this indefensible state of affairs to light. Distinguishing between the social and military wings of a terrorist organization is like distinguishing between the Nazi Government's welfare system and its military establishment and saying that it is alright for Canadians to funnel money into the Third Reich as long as it is earmarked for nursing homes in Berlin. Allowing a corrupt and evil organization to increase its status among its people through the provision of health and social services strengthens the organization as a whole, which, having built up a base of popular support, is then able to draw on the good will of its people when it launches military attacks. If Canada is concerned with funding humanitarian efforts in the Middle East, it should encourage its citizens to donate to United Nations relief agencies or it should finance a special Canadian mission to the region. The last thing it should do is allow Canadians to fund terrorist booster clubs.

Oh, and the same goes for Sinn Fein.