Thursday, April 4

The E.U.S.S.R.

I am looking ahead to my pending move to London with increasingly mixed feelings. Moving to Britain while she is an active member of the European Union is somewhat akin to moving in with a beautiful woman who happens to live in an asylum run by the inmates. The latest threat to Britain's historic regard for liberty and independent thought (it must never be forgotten that the American "Revolutionaries" were fighting to uphold the chartered rights of Englishmen against a sovereign who paid them little heed--see Burke, Russell Kirk, et al. ) is a new proposal from Brussels that would, inter alia, criminalize feelings of hostility towards individuals based on their "race, colour, descent, religion or belief, national or ethnic origin," and permit British citizens to be tried anywhere in the E.U. without having to go through the formal extradition process. Ever vigilent when it comes to threats to British liberty, The Telegraph had an intelligent reaction to the proposed law, which pointed out its inherent absurdity, in yesterday's paper.