Wednesday, April 17

I'm Not Holding My Breath for a RICO Investigation

Although it hardly counts as an earth-shaking revelation, Jesse Jackson's "newly released tax forms for the year 2000 reveal that his top donors were a who's who of companies that had been threatened with boycotts or other sanctions by Mr. Jackson." The article goes on to say that:

His contributors for 2000 include many firms that have had business dealings with Mr. Jackson in the past. Viacom, Bell Atlantic and GTE all gave to Mr. Jackson in 2000, and all have been threatened with boycotts or other sanctions by him. Blaylock & Partners, which received a $750,000 account from AT&T at Mr. Jackson's behest, donated $30,000 to the education fund in 2000. AT&T contributed $425,000. SBC Communications, which solicited and received the support of Mr. Jackson for its merger with Ameritech, contributed $500,000. The New York Stock Exchange, which Mr. Jackson has accused of "redlining" minorities, donated $194,634.
Mr. Jackson's office did not return repeated phone calls. Targets of Jackson boycott threats such as Toyota and SBC Communications have denied any quid pro quo in their subsequent donations.

With this kind of fundraising clout, Jackson ought to run for President. Oh, right, that didn't work out so well for him. The same lack of popular support that unseated his quixotic presidential campaign also explains why he has to resort to extortionist tactics to fund his vanity projects.