Sunday, April 7

Law School Grads of the World Unite. You Have Nothing to Lose but Your Dignity.

I can't find a link to this story, but it appeared in the "Weird but True" column of today's New York Post. It begins reasonably enough but, by the end, you have to wonder about the fitness of Italian's to govern themselves. Italy's highest court has ruled that parents must financially support their children even after they reach the age of majority. The court dismissed the final appeal of a father "who had insisted that his 29-year-old son fend for himself after years of mooching on him." Apparently, the son, a law-school graduate, was receiving a $650 monthly allowance and the court endorsed his argument that he has "the right to turn down job offers and still expect to be supported by his parents." At least as astounding as this ruling is the fact, reported at the end of the story, that "[a] recent survey revealed that 70 percent of 29-year-old Italian men still live at home with their parents." I can't decide if that is unbelievably cool or unbelievably pathetic.