Friday, April 12

A Lawyer and a Gentleman

Lawyers must choose their legal heroes carefully. Now that jury bribing rumors will forever blight the reputation of Clarence Darrow, the hero of three generations of legal advocates, can anyone in the profession be held up as worthy of emulation? St. Thomas More (at least the fictional Man for All Seasons) may still qualify as an inspiration, but beyond him, who else? May I humbly suggest Bobby Jones. The great Bobby Jones, who remained an amateur throughout his brief but glorious career before retiring at 28 to private legal practice, personified all that is good about the game of golf and, by analogy, life itself. If you have never seen CBS's annual tribute to Mr. Jones, I encourage you to tune in this Saturday at 2:30 to hear Sean Connery narrate the stuff of Grand Slams, of gentleman amateurs, and of legend. For a foretaste, one could do worse than read Lee Brockhorn's tribute to the great man in the Weekly Standard, which is available online here.