Friday, April 12

More Sharpton Lunacy

Just when you think that you have heard the most ridiculous thing that Al Sharpton has to offer comes this piece from the New York Post's Page Six, which is just too precious not to reprint in its entirety:

"You can call him just "Rev," as his friends do. But he's now being introduced on his weekly WWRL Radio show as "the Honorable Rev. Dr. Al Sharpton." The activist picked up the "Dr." two years ago when he was awarded an honorary degree from [wait for it . . . ] the A.P. Clay Bible College in Baton Rouge, La. But "Honorable?" Sharpton's spokeswoman, Rachel Nordlinger, said Sharpton deserves the honorific usually reserved for judges, elected officials and the untitled children of British peers because he's president of the National Action Network. "It's a position of honor to people in the community," she explained."

This man has all the integrity of a used condom salesman.