Sunday, April 28

My Bundle of Neuroses, Prejudices, and Biases Reduced to A Point on A Graph

I am collecting snapshots of where I currently fall on the political spectrum according to different online quizzes. The first is from the humane folk at the Institute for Humane studies, whose quiz can be found here.

(Cute touch including Stalin and Hitler in a position diametrically opposed to that occupied by most IHS members).

The second is from This quiz is English, so you have to translate a few questions into the appropriate local context (American, Canadian, etc...).

NOTE I can't seem to reproduce the image from this graph, which is probably just as well as it does not seem that my position falls anywhere like it did on the graph above. Curious. But when I compare my position with that of the British politicians whose positions are plotted on the graph it seems about right, i.e. somewhere between where Kenneth Clark was in 1996 and where Michael Portillo was in 2001 (you'll have to take the quiz to see what I mean).