Sunday, April 7

O, What Nobel Minds Are Here O'erthrown!

I have long thought that, on the whole, most Nobel laureates are rather deserving and distinguished chaps. The notable exception, of course, being the Peace laureates. That is the one prize that we all still have a shot at even after we realize that we are not nearly talented enough to ever dazzle the crowds with our scientific or literary prowess. It is the one prize that does not reward intelligence. Consequently, it is quite fair to point out to someone who is relying on, say, Rigoberta Menchu or Mother Theresa's status as a Nobel prize winner as evidence of some imagined superiority, that it was, after all, only a Peace Prize. But after reading P.J. O'Rourke's take on the recent press release co-signed by 103 Nobel laureates, most of whom, I assume, were not mere Peace Prize winners, I am starting to doubt the quality of the real prize winners as well.