Sunday, April 14

Royal Rumble

The following email exchange concerning the future of the monarchy in Canada, reprinted by the Globe and Mail, is a quintessentially Canadian debate, by which I mean both that it will be of great interest to all Canadians and that it will be of no interest whatsoever to non-Canadians.

And, for good measure, here is Andrew Sullivan's more Anglo-centric defense of the institution of the Crown. One point in his essay, first printed in the Times, jumps out. He defends the institution not as an historical anachronism but as a typically modern institution that has much in common with family dynasties and the cult of celebrity that also exists in America today. This is, in my experience, a novel (if flimsy) defense of the royal family and it happens to be the occasion for the best line in the article: "You think Princess Margaret had little to say? You should try listening to Julia Roberts." Ouch.