Friday, April 5

Shining Starr

According to my reading of the subtly titled article "Kenneth Starr's $70 Million bag of garbage," the facts of the matter actually reveal that Judge Starr actually carried out his assigned task diligently, comprehensively, and effectively (without reading the full accounting for the $70M, I hesitate to add efficiently). His integrity is beyond reproach, as both his colleagues and adversaries (at least those with equal integrity) freely admit, so I fail to see exactly what Mr. Marshall is whining about. What is much more interesting than how Judge Starr did his delicate job, is how closely the criticism of his investigation mirrors the problems with the position of the independent counsel predicted by Justice Scalia in his lone and clairvoyant dissent in Morrison v. Olson back in 1988 ( a case also notable for the fact that the defendant/appellee was current Solicitor General and Bush v. Gore advocate Ted Olson).