Saturday, April 20

A Spy in the House of Misdirected Hormonal Energy

Although Lane McFadden beat me to it, I wanted to add a link to Radley Balko's riveting (if often sloppily written) post about going undercover to participate in an anti-globalization, anti-capitalism, anti-civilization, anti-rule-of-law, etc... rally, on the remote chance that anyone reading my site does not also read Lane's.

Related thought No.1, prompted by a brief post by Jon Wishnia: If a crowd of self-proclaimed anarchists gets beaten like a pack of rented mules by counter-protestors, who can they complain to?

Related thought No.2.: If you have not already caught this subversive post from COINTELPRO Tool, you should read it now:

"Seeds of hope. I haven't seen much from this weekend's anti-everything-that-exemplifies-Western-values protests in DC. More of the same stale sloganeering in lieu of oratory, designed to get some kind of Pavlovian imprint into our collective memory. If there has been a low point, I'd say it was the parading of orthodox Jews on stage, whose statement pleaded for the world not to judge Judaism by Zionism. They also blamed Israel for the recent rise in anti-Semitism in the world, just as their intellectual cellmates have blamed the fathers of Zionism for the holocaust.

But I did find one thing heartening: on Newschannel 8's coverage of yesterday's bicycle protest and subsequent arrests, one demonstrator was interviewed about her ordeal at the hands of DC's finest. In addition to not being forewarned that riding into oncoming traffic was illegal, this Unshorn Sister of the Apocalypse claimed the police had no right to confiscate their bikes.

'Those are our private property,' she wailed.

Hypocrisy, or progress? We report, you decide."