Wednesday, April 17

We Don't Need An Education (Board)

Today's New York Sun (sorry, no link, you will have to shell out $.50 to buy a hard copy) contains an illuminating column by J.P. Avalon on Mayor Bloomberg's praiseworthy attempts to dismantle the fiscal black-hole that masquerades as the New York City Board of Education. The column contains the following noteworthy information:

1. Under Giuliani, funding for public schools increased from $8 billion to $12 billion annually but high school graduation rates remained at 50%. This should quell the clamoring of those who believe that the best solution to a social problem is to throw more taxpayer money at it.
2. Barely half of the $12 billion dollars spent annually reaches the city's classrooms.
3. After initially coming out swinging in defense of the Board of Ed. (probably an instinctive, anti-Giuliani reflex), Sen. Clinton has now joined Peter Vallone, Mark Green, and Chuck Schumer in denouncing the Board and calling for its abolition. If these voices are lined up against a government program then something must really be wrong with it.