Friday, April 19

A Welcome Addition to the New York Skyline

The Times this morning has a full-page-plus feature on the 24-story skyscraper that is the new home of the Austrian Cultural Forum. This building is the second in what this writer hopes is the beginning of a trend towards architecturally innovative and aesthetically delightful mini-skyscrapers (if someone reading this is looking for a lexicographical challenge, there is a definite need for a neologism to describe them ). The first, of course, being the dazzling new LVMH headquarters(23-stories), which opened in December of 1999. The new Austrian Cultural Forum was designed, appropriately, by Austrian-born New York architect Raimund Abraham, while the LVMH building was designed by Pritzker prize-winner Christian de Portzamparc. If anyone cares to inspect them in person, they are located at 11 East 52nd Street and 19th East 57th Street, respectively.