Saturday, April 6

What Endures

The death of the Queen Mother, while hardly tragic given her long life, should give us pause to reflect on a life lived to the fullest. Comforter of her people in their hour of danger and the backbone of a sometimes wayward family, she embodied the role of tradition in strengthening the character of a nation. A few facts about her life stand out:

She had a sister who died in 1893.
Her horses won 440 races.
She witnessed the reigns of six monarchs.
She was a widow for 50 years.
She lived to see two daughters reach the age of 70.
She undertook 118 official engagements at age 90, in addition to many unofficial ones.

For more on the Queen Mum's recent passing, with a peculiarly Canadian twist, see Mark Steyn's informative opinion piece from the Telegraph.