Sunday, April 14

You're Welcome, France

According to this story in the National Post, the French Government is planning to disinter 400 Canadian war graves (including those of two Victoria Cross recipients) to make way for a new airport outside Paris. I think one line from a WWII veteran quoted in the article sums up my sentiments on this issue pretty well: "They wouldn't have been able to move ahead at all if they hadn't been rescued twice, and the least they can do is treat those bodies with respect." According to the article, there are some folks in Canada do not oppose this disrespectful treatment of their nation's dead. Expressing sympathy with the French developers, Cliff Chadderton explains that "cemetaries in the area are so numerous they appear virtually every half-kilometre along local highways ... It must have hurt the French economy and Belgian economy." Think about that sentence carefully, Mr. Chadderton.