Saturday, December 31

Vote Canada

I am not sure whether or not I will vote in the upcoming Canadian election. They certainly don't make it too easy for nonresidents to vote, which I don't really have a problem with (conceptually, I mean, I still have the logistical problem of actually voting). In preparation for (possibly) voting, I took this quiz on The quiz covers twelve issues, presenting the unattributed positions of the four major parties for each issue. Respondents can agree or disagree with as many of the positions as they want. On several issues I agreed with two parties, on one issue I agreed with three parties (Taxes--but I did not agree with all three equally), and on one issue I did not agree with any party (Parliamentary Reform).

Overall, I agreed with the NDP on 2 issues, the Bloc Quebecois on 3, the Liberals on 6, and the Conservatives on 10. (And I disagreed with the NDP on 10 issues, the Bloc Quebecois on 9 issues, the Liberals on 6 issues and the Conservatives on 2.)

If I decide to vote, I will certainly take this result into consideration, but I have much research to do before making any decision.


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