Friday, January 13


If you watched the retirement of Mark Messier's number 11 sweater last night at MSG and weren't moved, then you weren't watching hockey in the '80s and '90s. (For some highlights of the ceremony, see here.) And what class by the Rangers team after Jagr scored the game winner in overtime: the entire team came together on the ice with their sticks in the air, all pointing at Messier's number 11 in the rafters. If the announcer's "The captain has entered the building," didn't bring a lump to your throat, then that should have done the trick.

A quick reminder:

694 career goals, 1,193 assists, and 1,887 total points--second all-time, behind Gretzky.

15 NHL All-Star games.

6 Stanley Cups.

Only player to captain two different teams to the Cup.

There are men, and then there's Mark Messier.