Monday, February 13

English Cut

Sometimes I find something that is almost too good to share--a perfect but tiny restaurant; a competent computer help-desk operator; a great price on a favorite wine at a local shop. The selfish instinct to keep good service private or to preserve an unspoiled haven is strong.

So it has been with my new tailor. I am breaking my silence, however, because not only is his service and product so good, but he also maintains a 'blog which is as good as any I've seen at providing fascinating and enlightening insights into a very private and insular world: that of the Savile Row tailor.

The 'blog is called English Cut (as is the company) and I recommend starting with his "Top Ten" posts. "How to Spot a Drunken Tailor" is a particularly good place to begin if you want to dive into this proud and tradition-bound world. I've spent more than a little time hanging about in the pubs of Mayfair and St. James, including in and around Savile Row and Jermyn Street, so perhaps I'm overly nostalgic, but this is good stuff.

Incidentally, Thomas Mahon will be in New York this March, if anyone is interested in making an appointment. I will be up for a second fitting.


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