Saturday, February 11

In honor of the Olympic hockey tournament about to begin, some favorite clips

One can only subscribe to so many websites, so when I moved to England I made the difficult decision to give up my Broad Street Bully membership. Now that I'm back, I don't think that I will re-up. It is still the best resource for current and classic hockey highlights (including foreign leagues, minors, and juniors with an emphasis on fights and hit), that I am aware of, but there are so many other free resources online today that I can't justify it.

Still, I recommend the site for its (very) limited free content, which, thankfully, changes from time to time. Currently available free clips include the Colorado - Detroit revenge match (a.k.a. "the turtle game") and Domi - Probert II.

On a related note, here are some of my favorite on-line hockey clips:

The Ovechkin goal (I'm an idiot for not going to see him play live yet)

And, for good, measure, the kid can hit . . . hard. (For complete highlights of his first half season, including some serious hits and jaw-dropping moves, check out this video. I think Ovechkin has officially taken up Lemieux's mantle as the player who never seems to miss on a breakaway. I hope the Olympic gold medal doesn't come down to a Canada - Russia shootout.)

McLaren hip check (I can't watch this enough)

Malik shootout goal (the announcers are at least as enjoyable as the goal).

Unbelievable miss

Scott Stevens's top ten hits (these are awe-inspiring, but stomach churning. It is difficult to watch Ron Francis struggling to the bench, or the Lindros and Kariya hits. But its quite a record of the greatest open-ice hitter of my lifetime).

Don Cherry debating Michael Farber on the CBC in the aftermath of the Canada-Russia 1987 brawl.

Probert - Coxe II (even better than the first; if you don't think hockey fans like fights, just listen to the crowd.)

McSorely - Probert '94 (a long but good one)

Rob Ray beating an either very drunk or very stupid Nordiques fan

Boulerice - Downey (a quick k.o., with good replays. I love the way Downey can't get away fast enough after the punch.)

Finally, I was reading the biographies of some of these players and figured out that, in the 1983 draft, the Red Wings picked up Yzerman, Probert, Kocur, Petr Klima, Lane Lambert and Stu Grimson. Yzerman plus three of the best fighters of the last quarter century. Not too shabby.