Friday, March 17

Apologies for the gap in posts, but blogger was down for the last couple of days and wouldn't display my new posts. Frustrating, but ultimately no harm done.

Anyway, here is a bonus item, which I came across today. I've heard of the Comedy Central show "Mind of Mencia," but nothing good, so I have never bothered tuning in. Just as well, according to Joe Rogan (whose Fear Factor fame may have paid for a trailer full of plaid shirts, but is fatally compromising his Newsradio legacy).

Unbeknownst to the rest of the civilized world, Rogan and "Mencia" (more on that below) have a running fued, the latest volley in which was a short video of Mencia and Rogan published by Rogan on his website. The link below explains everything (from Rogan's perspective), but the key points are that (1) Carlos Mencia is not actually Mexican (or, as he refers to himself, a "beaner")--he's a half-German, half-Honduran called Ned Holness, and (2) Rogan (and George Lopez, on Howard Stern's show) accuses him of stealing other comics' material. For an eyeful of the backstabbing world of stand-up comedy, check out Rogan's post and follow the links. (Warning: some of the language is not exactly ready for prime time, particularly in "Mencia's" act.)

My take? I don't know what's really going on here, but my first rule of feud adjudication is always side with the former national tae kwon do champion.

My second take? What a strange, incestuous and insecure world stand up is. On the basis of Rogan's video, I'd like to see Christopher Guest turn his troop's attention to the comedy world: Fred Willard as sleazy club owner and washed-up comic; McKean and Guest as feuding headliners competing for TV pilot; Parker Posey as the funny chick who gets away with stuff no guy ever could (Sarah Silverman clone); Eugene Levy as TV talent scout; Bob Balaban as neurotic, self-loathing pre-fame-Larry-David type; Ed Begley Jr. as glad-handing network executive; Jennifer Coolidge as brassy comedy club waitress; Catherine O'Hara as something funny--maybe McKean's current, and Guest's ex-wife (cut me some slack, I'm not being paid for a full treatment here). I think there's real potential for the Spinal Tap of stand up. It could ride the coattails of soon-to-be-the-hottest-thing-on-TV Studio 60.